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04-04-2013 09:07
Magic the Gathering
Creature — Angel 4/4, 4WW (6)
At the beginning of each combat, choose first strike, vigilance, or lifelink. Creatures you control gain that ability until end of turn.
"A keen mind wields an army as a deft hand wields a sword."
Illus. David Rapoza

1/24/2013: You choose which ability creatures you control will gain when Angelic Skirmisher’s ability resolves. This happens before attacking creatures are declared.
1/24/2013: Only creatures you control when the ability resolves will gain the chosen ability. Creatures that come under your control later in the turn will not gain the ability.
Legal in Vintage (Type 1)
Legal in Legacy (Type 1.5)
Legal in Extended (Type 1.X)
Legal in Standard (Type 2)
Legal in Classic (MTGO)
Legal in Commander
Legal in Modern